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Horsham to: Petersfield

Fantastic , quick twisty road the bigger your balls the better... ease up through the villages and watch out for ineperienced riders at weekends. Very popular , predictable bends .. Have fun ! : }


A40 to: Witney

Good speed road with fast sweeping bends (although too short in length). If approaching from the A40, watch the Gatsos (which seem to have been planted on every Oxford road - bastards!)

A 246

East Grinstead to: Royal Tunbridge Wells

Good sweepy road with fair number of straights, when you see chevron signs pay attention as one or two bends tighten up half way round, once you've done the road once or twice you'll get the hang of it. Haven't done it for about a year but unless they've done something stupid to it, it should still be a great road. Smashin, init! 5,->

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